How To: Put Social Media to Work for You

An effective social media marketing strategy is multi-faceted, and spread across different types of platforms such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, so on and so forth. Wouldn’t it be great to have a service that automates all social media activities for you? Thankfully there is a service that accomplishes exactly that – doing the drudge work and saving you time and energy.

Your solution may come in a service that’s been around for just over a year called ifttt (which stands for “if this, then that.”) The purpose of ifttt is to connect your online accounts so you can create triggered events. Once you set a trigger from one account, a task will be activated automatically. With ifttt, you can set your blog’s RSS feed to automatically post updates on your social media accounts. You can automatically post items from other RSS feeds to create a steady stream of shared content. Continue reading “How To: Put Social Media to Work for You” »

How To: Gain Customers Using Social Media

Social media marketing is a powerful method to showcase a company’s products or services to new audiences in various places. However, one must be careful not to sell immediately on social media, but focus on building a loyal following that leads to potential customers. By being informative and entertaining, social media is an effective way to connect with buyers. Here are a few ways to build that loyal following that leads to customer acquisition. Continue reading “How To: Gain Customers Using Social Media” »

Why Your Company Needs to Get on Pinterest ASAP

Why Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest ASAPYou may have seen online chatter about Pinterest, the newest social networking site that allows users to bookmark, or “pin”, images and videos they find interesting. Web content is organized into pinboards that fill up the browser screen, allowing users to comment on, “like”, or “repin” each other’s images.

Pinterest now beats Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, and MySpace combined for percentage of total referral traffic, according to a study by Shareholic. Clearly the social bookmarking site is gaining traction and successfully driving traffic for retailers. Brands like Whole Foods, Martha Stewart, and West Elm already have a presence on the social media platform. If your company does not have a Pinterest account, it is time to sign up.

Continue reading “Why Your Company Needs to Get on Pinterest ASAP” »

Be LinkedIn Today

While we’re sure Mark Zuckerberg knew he had a brilliant idea on his hands that fateful February in 2004, we’re also fairly certain he had no idea just how far-reaching it would become. Since Facebook launched a little over 7 years ago, social media marketing has taken off exponentially. We have reported on Google’s +1 and, more recently, provided some details on the Bing and Facebook search integration. To say that social recommendation is becoming the new wave of marketing’s future could be the understatement of the year, and we’re only in the middle of the second quarter.

Recently, we reported about LinkedIn, a very popular and well known professional networking site, regarding its value at over $3 billion and over 100 million fans. The site has already integrated a wide variety of features that allow users in different networks to share links to stories and other information related to their specific industry with one another. As the professional social networking site expands its capabilities, you should be aware of some existing features that you may not know about. LinkedIn recently reported about a phenomenon regarding a huge increase of traffic from Business Insider, and consulted LinkedIn affiliate Krista Canfield to elaborate:

1.  Linkedin Today: Offers a daily digest of some of the most popular news and links people are sharing from all over the networking site.

2.  LinkedIn Signal: Change the search bar at the top right of your screen to “Updates” to view information about your favorite industry topics.

3.  Detailed Company Bios: Customize your page to showcase what specific products and services your business offers, as well as posting about new job openings and company news.

4.  Customize your URL: Choose a URL with keywords that will optimize your page.

5.  Groups: Join a wide variety of groups related to your business or industry to network with like-minded professionals

6.  Make the most of your profile: Since Google favors LinkedIn when searching for individuals, make sure your profile is always complete and up to date.

7.  Job search: More and more people are searching for jobs online, and are looking to professional sites like LinkedIn as a trusted source, so make sure your profile is attractive to prospective employees.

8.  Recruit the best employees: LinkedIn offers a comprehensive corporate recruiting page that provides details on how to find the best professional talent available.

9.  Resumes: LinkedIn offers a very handy tool that features a step-by-step guide detailing the components of a quality resume.

10.  Make the most of your profile:The aforementioned presence of LinkedIn in Google search results should be a prime motivator for those wishing to find their dream job online, or simply to network with those in their industry or profession.

LinkedIn marketing is a vital piece of your interactive marketing portfolio. With more and more traffic and a virtual omnipresence in Google search results, you can no longer afford to ignore the power of this professional networking website. Blue Interactive Agency offers interactive marketing services in Fort Lauderdale, including Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and every other type of social advertising to empower your brand in today’s online landscape. For more information, contact us today by calling 954-779-2801.

Guess Who? Over 100 Million Fans and Valued IPO at $3 Billion

Which social media platform has over 100 million fans and valued IPO at $3 billion? If you guessed professional social networking website LinkedIn then you’ve guessed right! On May 9, 2011 LinkedIn announced it would offer 7.84 million shares of stock priced at $32 to $35 per share in its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. That makes the IPO valued at $3 billion. After taxes and fees, LinkedIn is expected to raise approximately $146.6 million towards sales and marketing ventures and business operations.

Currently the majority stockholder is LinkedIn Chairman and Co-Founder Reid Hoffman, who owns 21.7 percent of the company. His share of stock is valued at $667.3 million. LinkedIn’s early venture-capital investors, Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners now collectively own shares valued at $1.22 billion. The Wall Street Journal reported the breakdown of the social media company’s new millionaire executives.

Jeffrey Weiner, CEO:
Shares: 2.3 million
Value: $81.3 million

Steven Sordello, CFO:
Shares: 907,327
Value: $31.8 million

David Henke, SVP operations and engineering:
Stock: 336,458
Value: $11.8 million

Dipchand “Deep” Nishar, SVP products and user experience:
Shares: 498,958
Value: $17.5 million

LinkedIn currently employs over 1,000 people. As of March this year, the social network reached 100 million members. Compared with other social media network values, the highly anticipated Facebook public stock offering predicted for 2012 is estimated to be valued at anywhere between $20 to $80 billion. Yesterday Microsoft announced it will acquire the leading internet communications company, Skype, for $8.5 billion. Skype maintains 170 million connected users and provides real-time communications which will support Microsoft’s devices like Xbox, Kinect and the Windows Phone.

A New Way to Hire: Social Media Replacing the Old Cover Letter

Are you only looking for work on job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder? Many companies are now incorporating social media to recruit employees instead of the traditional method of submitting a resume and cover letter.
Companies like Google and MTV Networks are using social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs to reach out to college students for internships and job opportunities. They also make their websites mobile-friendly for those who wish to apply via smartphone. recently published a list of 30 start-up companies seeking interns. They ask for applicants to leverage social media to convey their qualifications with just one rule – no cover letters allowed. Applicants may use blogs, videos, tweets or any other social media platform to apply for an internship that interests them.

These methods attract millenials that tend to be more technologically advanced. And apparently, using social media for the job hunting process is a two-way street. Studies show that 28% of college students use LinkedIn to seek employment. The job market is still competitive so job-seekers are looking to innovative tools to stay ahead.

If you’re seeking employment, here are some ways to use social media to gain that extra edge and be proactive in attracting companies that you want to work for.

First and foremost, make sure all of your social media accounts are professional and appropriate for employers to view. The next step is to identify which companies you are interested in, and you may reach out to their employees via social media. With so much public information on social media networks, it is easy to directly contact people on Facebook or LinkedIn. Or, attract attention by demonstrating your skills in a blog. Subscribe to blogs that have job postings, like Mashable’s job board that features jobs in the social media and tech field. Be proactive on Twitter and LinkedIn and state that you are looking for employment. Integrating social media into a traditional job search process will open up more doors in a competitive market.