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Affiliate Marketing

Unlike pay-per-click programs, affiliate programs only reward affiliates for increases in sales volume by referring traffic and qualified leads to your website. You only pay commissions when they produce revenue.

Blue Interactive Agency provides small- to medium-sized advertisers a self-serve affiliate marketing solution which includes the complicated and time-consuming process of choosing the right affiliate network, outlining the program selling points, working through the legal issues and ultimately, finding new affiliates.

Additional Services Offered Include:

Program Management: Day-to-day management of your affiliate marketing program is essential for long-term growth. Blue Interactive Agency assigns a program manager to perform the daily operations essential for your program's long-term growth. Your program manager handles key publisher-centric duties, including recruitment, communications and optimization, as well as the daily review of your transactions and more.

Creative Services: Creative components are an extremely important element in building and maintaining a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Keeping campaigns fresh with new and original creative helps drive clicks, increase conversions and ultimately, drive sales. Designing and developing new creative, or refreshing existing creative, can be time-consuming. Blue Interactive provides creative components to set your company apart from the competition.

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