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Android devices have always attracted a niche group of loyal consumers. Though its numbers don't compare to Apple, Android is a reputable competitor. Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games. Although you may know what a user will do with your app, you need to also think about how the user will interact with it.

Android apps have the added benefit of being cost-effective. Android powers millions of phones, tablets and other devices in a wide variety of screen sizes and form factors. With its flexible layout system, you can create apps that easily scale from large screens to tablets to smaller phones.

For the Employee
Android apps can be used to let employees quickly and easily access information related to the company via their mobile device. Apps have been said to increase employee productivity and efficiency by unifying communications and informational output.

On Display
An Android app puts the company's calling card right into the consumer's hand. Your app can either be informative or a product that simply entertains while keeping the company name in the user's mind. For example, the app can be helpful to a restaurant or hotel owner when designed to allow the user to make reservations with ease and comfort. Another option is to develop a game that keeps your company's logo subtly on the screen.

An Android app is the gateway to your company's online presence and physical locations. It is a perfect way to drive traffic to your website, product demos, retail locations and more. The consumer will also have access to new merchandise and specials related to your company.

Social Networking
The Android app can be used as a social networking device, creating online chats and Q&A sessions. The app can also link users to the company's Facebook page, Twitter feed or photo-sharing sites where they can be updated on new information and stay involved in the conversation.

To move forward with an Android app for your company, contact Blue Interactive Agency at 954.779.2801.

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