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As one of the first forms of online advertising, banner ads via Google Adwords are still a popular and effective method to reach audiences. These rectangular, HTML-based ads appear on web pages of all types and vary in size and subject matter, yet they all have the same goal: to generate clicks to your website.

And while competition is fierce on Google Adwords, banner ads tend to see less rivalry and continue to deliver better click-through rates than text ads. Banner ads, or image ads, are a critical component of a successful advertising program.

How to Create an Effective Banner Ad
The ultimate goal of a banner ad to is to generate a high click-through rate (CTR). There are many factors that contribute to a banner ad's success, one being quality copy. The headline of the ad is the most important element for captivating audiences. The body of the ad should address the consumer's questions regarding how, what, why and where, as well as "what are my benefits?" Make it perfectly clear what you are promoting, why the consumer should be interested and how he/she can take part. This should include a call-to-action, which can be as simple as clicking on the banner ad to receive more information.

Graphics are a useful tool for creating an attention-grabbing banner ad. Graphics should not only be visually appealing, but also provide some type of useful information to the audience, such as product images labeled with prices. The balance is in creating an image that is both appealing and informative.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating banner ads is using an illegible font. Using fonts that are too small or colors that blend into the background is a cardinal mistake. Be sure to test your banner ad on computer screens of different sizes. Use bright colors that stand out while keeping consistent with your company branding.

Here are some more tips for making your banner ad stand out of the crowd:

  • Adding a frame around the border of your banner ad goes a long way because people are trained to focus their attention on content inside frames (paintings and posters).
  • Use attention-grabbing images, anything from photos of attractive people to funny situations or adorable animals to get your audience to take notice.
  • Offer incentives. Discounts, sales, free shipping or free gifts are ways to entice consumers to click-through to your landing page.
  • To further engage your audience, consider creating an interactive banner ad where consumers are taken to a landing page to answer a survey, enter a contest or take a short quiz. This involves some simple HTML coding to create a button on your banner ad, and is well worth the effort.

A well-designed banner ad with a high click-through rate can generate more traffic to your website for increased sales and brand awareness. Blue Interactive Agency's team of graphic designers can create innovative, attention-getting banner ads for your company.

For more information on banner ads, see Google Adwords.

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