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While blogging may have begun as a way to express one's personal opinions online, it has evolved into a viable marketing strategy for businesses. There are a few steps that must be kept in mind when constructing or revamping your blog in order for it to be professionally beneficial.

First, define your brand and audience to give your blog focus and direction. The content for blog posts must be well-timed and inform the reader about new information relating to your industry and/or company. Carefully strategize your distribution and pricing. With these blog marketing strategies a company blog can refresh an established business or launch a new product.

When defining your brand you let your audience know what you are offering, why you are trustworthy and what your unique value proposition is. This definition is informative to the reader and it provides guidance as to what your blog will be about. With a clear understanding of your brand and blog theme it becomes easier to determine your target audience. Are you appealing to retirees? Young professionals? Families? Knowing your audience will save time in writing posts and help in providing content that is applicable to your intended demographic. A blog that focuses on your services, products and anticipated consumer is advantageous for time-management and overall success.

Your content must always be new and timely. Professional blogs are aimed at informing the reader of current industry news. The writing style tends to be casual; however this does not mean it should lack in information and relevant sources. When sources are referenced with live links, the blog becomes more interactive; plus, it also increases the SEO of the blog. An Internet marketing blog like Copy Blogger will have a plethora of SEO tips to improve the online visibility of your business blog.

Distribution and pricing strategy are two other elements to consider. Your distribution method determines where your blog lives. It can be a sub-section on your company website, an external Tumblr account or be fed to your Facebook and Twitter news feeds. There is no wrong answer, it depends on which interface works best for you and your consumer. In regards to pricing, a free blog is an easily accessible tool that can attract new customers and may be the best option for the widespread demographic of a non-profit organization. On the other hand, there is the option to charge users a nominal fee for special offers and premium content. Creating memberships for an e-commerce store or travel site can increase desirability of the brand and be a way of collecting revenue in the process.

Having a professionally designed and written blog maximizes your customer's experience while driving engagement and making the brand come alive. For a professional blog to be effective it must be planned out.

If you are interested in developing a professional blog for your company website, call Blue Interactive at 954.779.2801.

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