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Brainstorming Online Strategies

Problem-solving and innovation are two terms familiar to small business. Starting and maintaining an entrepreneurial endeavor is demanding work. One of the main benefits of having a valuable team of employees is the collaborative effort and brainstorming that can help alleviate a lot of the stress. Brainstorming is an informal and relaxed approach to conquering obstacles. Group brainstorming is a way to develop a multitude of ideas that are more in-depth than typical individual brainstorming can produce. When running a brainstorming meeting there are certain rules that should be followed. These rules revolve around three main points: defining the problem, building the team and creating the space.

Creative problem-solving always begins the same way, with a problem. In order to conduct an effective brainstorming meeting the problem must be clearly defined and stated to the team. The problem may also be defined as a desire or goal to be achieved. For example, the goal could be an advancement to expand upon the success of your company. It is also possible that once the brainstorming process begins, related dilemmas may arise. This is a common occurrence once data has been gathered. As the facts are explored and broken down you can once again hone in on the key problem.

In order to successfully solve the problem, the right team must be assembled. Customarily, multi-disciplinary teams tend to perform best because people with different strengths and skill sets offer a diverse amount of knowledge and understanding. With this range of perspectives it is possible to see the problem from a 360° angle, properly diagnosing and treating the issue. It is also advantageous to jump-start your brainstorming with the help of an experienced interactive advertising agency. The outside consultation brings a fresh and capable outlook to your meeting. The team can also suggest activities to initiate the creative process.

Since the widespread use of the Internet, the space in which company members can hold meetings has greatly evolved. One of the essential brainstorming tools, the space, no longer has to be a physical location. While meeting in person is one option, it is now possible to create a virtual room to meet and share ideas. Google Docs is one such space where people can share documents and PowerPoint presentations with ease. With the addition of Google+ "hangouts," it is also possible to hold virtual chat sessions with multiple members of the team. Skype is another option when you are dealing with team members in multiple time zones, or who may be away on business but still necessary to include in the meeting.

Whether you decide to hold your brainstorming session in a virtual place or a physical location, like a conference room, it is important to keep the space positive. Remember, brainstorming is about promoting ideas. Avoid criticism in the initial brainstorming meeting because it hinders the creative process and may silence people who have innovative ideas, but are timid to share. After all the ideas have been brought to the table they can be evaluated and hashed out.

Business brainstorming is a key factor in creative problem-solving and innovation. Being able to experiment with a solution in a relaxed setting allows employees to demonstrate their ability. It creates commitment and bonding within the team and provides clever answers to difficult problems. Digital agencies like Blue Interactive can facilitate brainstorming meetings and guide your team through the process.

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