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Competitor SEO Analysis

A thorough competitor analysis will help plan a course of action for your SEO campaign. You must analyze what the current competition is targeting before you decide to enter the market try to dominate. We are not saying to completely copy what your competition is doing - by doing that you will never surpass them; but targeting areas where your competitors are lacking gives you an edge.

What can you learn from your competition?

  • Keyword Choice
  • Backlinks
  • Social Media Strategies

Keyword research is a time-consuming process, but it's the only way to effectively plan an SEO campaign. With the ability to see what keywords your competition is ranking for, you will know which keywords are generating good traffic and converting. Be sure not to solely rely on the competition's keywords to exceed their efforts.

Link building should be part of your SEO plan. Start with a backlink checker to organize and categorize your competitors' backlinks. Here's a free backlink checker.

Social media strategies are becoming very popular. Chances are your competitor has various social media profiles set up. Search the popular social media sites to see what your competition is doing; pay attention to the response and feedback from users.

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