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Advertising online is necessary in modern-day marketing. Part of designing a tactical marketing campaign for your business is to assess your competition. Business competitor analysis deals with the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential rivals. By having a marketing agency who understands your competition, you can better plan your offensive and defensive line of attack. With the arrival of the online marketplace, competitor analysis has taken on a new importance. Online competitor analysis has become a vital component of business strategy. When conducting this type of analysis there are three main things to keep in mind: top keywords, linking authority and social presence.

Figuring out the keywords for your website is a crucial step in search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords are what we type into the search bar when looking for answers, products and services. Internet advertising agencies use tools that compute which keywords associated with your company are drawing valuable traffic. Carefully chosen keywords will organically improve your ranking within search engines and are at the top of the list for SEO competitor analysis. These words and phrases should emphasize what your company is about and be specific to your product or service. For example, are you promoting top quality at an inexpensive rate? Fast service and large quantity? The words you choose to describe your company should accurately represent who and what your company is about.

The second step has to do with link popularity. Simply put, link popularity is the total number of web pages that link to your website. The popularity of your site is important because it is a main factor in how search engines determine your site's ranking in a results list. Look at the link popularity of your competitor's site - use their status as a goal to surpass. A larger quantity of legitimate links pointing to your site will help you rank higher than your competitor.

Social presence is an essential aspect in website competitor analysis. A prevalent form of social presence on a website is the blog. Having a blog that is regularly updated captures an audience and improves your website's status. Look at various blogs online to see how they are organized. Also, consider setting up a podcast on your site. If your competitor has a podcast, then add audio-visual content.

Another facet of social presence is connecting to your consumer through sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Check out how involved your competitors are on these websites. If they have 200 followers, then aim to have 400. The more users you associate with through these sites, the more likely it is that your website will be passed around and displayed first in a search.

Business competitor analysis has been a part of marketing strategy for some time, but online competitor analysis takes it to a new level. Having a website for your company is important, making sure that the site is recognized and visited on the web is just as imperative. Digital agencies like Blue Interactive specialize in assisting with this sort of advertising and can facilitate the process of improving business authority on the Internet.

Don't let your competition beat you out in the digital space. In addition to top keywords, link popularity and social presence there are other components - like site structure and source code - that interactive advertising agencies can help with.

If you are ready to outrank the competition, contact Blue Interactive Agency or call 954.779.2801.

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