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Blue Interactive Agency offers a wide range of creative services that help build an effective brand. Offering cutting-edge design and practical business solutions, our creative team can help maximize the effectiveness of any marketing message.

Blue Interactive boasts a portfolio that reaches across a wide spectrum of industries:

Creative Services Offered:

  • Social Media Ad Design: we can develop your company's corporate social media marketing through all channels, including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest to help drive ROI
  • Facebook Fan Page Design: we can create a Facebook marketing strategy for your business and help establish your brand by building a strong presence on social networking
  • Twitter Profile: we can create a customized Twitter design, create content and analyze the results for you
  • YouTube Channel Design: we can create a YouTube channel, including a custom design and layout, import a script and finalize your video(s), and leverage other social media platforms, as well as review insights to help you grow your business
  • LinkedIn Company Page Design: we can create a social media profile with custom images and integrate accounts with your company website
  • Email Campaign Design: we can create beautifully designed templates guaranteed to make your message pop
  • Banner Ad Design: we can design banner ads with high click-through rates that can generate more traffic to the website
  • Landing Page Design: we can create custom landing pages to convert clicks into sales and return maximum ROI
  • Website Design: we can design and write professional websites that help brand your business
  • Blog Design: we can help you design, manage and produce content for WordPress websites with plug-ins, widgets and custom images
  • HTML Website Design: we design customized HTML5 websites to help deliver a better user experience
  • E-commerce Website Design: we can develop a site that utilizes the latest technologies to offer credit card payment solution, interactive check-out pages, custom functionality and much more
  • Mobile Website Design: we can design your company's mobile website taking into account web connection speeds, cell phone services and types of devices
  • iPhone App Design: iPhone apps allow users to find just about anything they're looking for, and businesses to further promote their products and services.
  • iPad App Design: As consumers continue to purchase iPad tablets, they are looking for applications they can use to enhance their experience
  • Android App Design: Android is the world's leading smart phone platform, installed on 400 million devices that make up 59 percent of the market share

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