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Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to promote business online. A good marketing campaign begins with a well-designed HTML email. Relevance, timeliness and engaging content are all factors that contribute to a successful email campaign. Building an HTML email is very different than building a webpage, and when it comes to design, the rule of thumb is to keep it simple and to test frequently.

Blue Interactive Agency's graphic designers create custom-designed emails that embody a company's branding. Our programmers develop HTML emails with clean coding and test on multiple browsers to ensure all recipients see your emails the way they were meant to be seen, regardless of the device.

Special Features of an HTML Email Campaign List Building
We can help you customize your email sign-up form to match your brand. You'll be able to collect email addresses, phone numbers or any other information you like on your website, on Facebook and on mobile devices. We'll help you import any existing lists you have, regardless of the format.

Social Media Integration.
Connect your email campaign with your company's Facebook and Twitter accounts to automatically post emails to these networks. You can display your Facebook profile in your e-newsletter to include your most recent status updates. Allow your readers to share your campaign with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. After sending out your email, activity on social networks can be tracked to find out who is tweeting or liking your campaign.

Image Hosting.
Choose images you want to include in your email and Blue Interactive will host the files for you. You can choose your own images or from an account on Flickr or Photobucket, or purchase stock images from a photography site like iStockphoto. Keep in mind not all email clients support PNG files, so be sure to use GIF or JPG formats for all images. Alt tags are also important because some mobile devices do not have the ability to view pictures.

Music and Videos.
Engage the audience by including music and videos in your email campaign. If you have original music on iTunes, Blue can pull songs to include in your campaign. Also, we can embed any videos you have uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and

Email Client Testing.
There are millions of different types of email carriers out there, so we will choose the most-used clients on your list to test your campaign. We can preview your email campaign on popular email carriers like Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Apple Mail to ensure optimum results.

Mobile Email Testing.
We'll test on the most commonly used mobile devices to make sure your campaign can be viewed on screens of all sizes. Generally, iPhones have a view port of 320 pixels, the Droid 480 pixels and Blackberry 360 pixels, so keeping images under 600 pixels-wide will ensure compatibility with all mobile devices.

Auto responders.
Make your recipients feel special with automated personalized email messages, whether it's to wish them a Happy Birthday or to thank them for purchasing a product. Blue Interactive can set up auto responders to send out emails according to your specifications.

After sharing your campaign, receive reports on how many emails were delivered, opened and clicked through. To dig even deeper, we'll be able to provide the time subscribers opened the email and what they clicked on. We can also generate a list of those who didn't open the email in order to send out a modified campaign in the future.

A/B Split Testing.
A/B split testing allows you to determine what days and times are best to send emails and what to put in the "from" and "subject line" to get the most responses. Whatever type of test you'd like to run, we can perform a split testing to determine which campaign works best.

Blue Interactive Agency designs custom HTML emails that match your company branding while including elements that personalize your campaign. For more information, visit email campaign marketing.

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