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The elements that comprise the creative element of an email campaign contribute greatly to the success of the email. Both prospects and customers alike will behave similarly based on a few key components of an email.

Subject Line
This is the deciding factor of whether or not the email will be opened or deleted. The subject line must be short and simple, but still pack enough of a punch that gets attention to increase the open rate of the email.

Emails containing images are known to perform better. But there must be a healthy balance of graphics and text. A higher ratio of images to text may throw your email directly into the spam box, or the reader may never see important information because the email program may not download properly. Also, the most attention is focused on the top 4 inches of an email, since more than half of email recipients use a horizontal preview window of varying height.

Every email should have one clear message and course of action. By focusing on one topic and a few details you are increasing the chances that you will get the response you want. Remember, this is a chance to make a one-on-one connection with the reader, so personalize the email. The message needs to read like a person actually wrote it, not a copywriting machine. Use bullets and a lot of white space to make it an easy read. A large amount of content can turn a reader off.

Display Formats
Let's face it, all email programs vary and display email differently. The two main formats for emails are HTML and plain text. Some email programs don't show images until you download the images manually. Another format to take into consideration is an email viewed on a cell phone. It is very important to test all email campaigns on as many different platforms as you can to ensure that even without images or formatting, your email still makes sense and projects the right message.

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