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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective method for customer acquisition and customer retention. Email campaigns produce granular, measurable results by providing a direct, personal message to customers. Blue Interactive Agency provides one of the most robust email marketing solutions with deliverability assessments and analytic insights that drive ROI.

An email marketing strategy and plan must be in place to engage new customers and prospects.

The right balance between images and text is key to email campaign performance.

Landing Page Optimization
Brand and message must carry over into the page that is clicked on from the email.

Social Media Integration
Allows for interaction from the readers with readily available social media buttons.

Make sure your message reaches its destination with white-listing strategies and ISP relationships.

Reporting and Analytics
Get actionable insight from your data with real-time analytics and reporting.

Data / List Management
Create an email list based on demographics that are highly specific to your campaign.

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