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Social media has become a pervasive part of our culture. It has expanded from a purely social site to one that incorporates professional sharing and communication. Facebook is primarily used to keep in touch with friends and family, to make new social and professional connections and advertise to users in a variety of formats. It has become such a recognized resource that news stations like CNN and FOX use Facebook when reporting on national stories. It is this widespread influence that makes Facebook a crucial tool in the marketing of your company. In addition, Facebook tends to be more flexible than other types of online advertising; it is capable of reaching users on tablets and mobile devices, and it allows businesses the opportunity to create "Fan Pages."

Widespread Influence
As of September 2012, Facebook has more than 1 billion active users, more than half of whom use the service on a mobile device. Facebook provides for specifically targeted ads that can be directed at people based on specific demographics like age, personal interest, and geographic location.

Most ad campaigns online and in print limit the marketer to a narrow number of characters that can be used. Facebook allows you to create image-based ads and offers additional character length for descriptions, ensuring that the consumer can effectively understand what the product is and who the company is.

Fan Page
An added benefit of developing a Facebook ad campaign is the possibility for a Fan Page. A Fan Page offers a platform to build a closer relationship with your audience and customers. You can target who sees your updates with demographic options. When a new product is launched the news can be immediately uploaded to the Fan Page, thus keeping your customers in the loop.

If you are looking to promote your company, then Facebook advertising is an excellent option. With more than 1 billion users, your targeted ads will reach specific demographically targeted consumer groups your product will appeal to. Facebook ads tend to be more flexible than traditional modes of Internet advertising, like Google AdWords.

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