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The fastest way to get your website on the first page of Google is by launching a pay-per-click campaign with Google Adwords. To expand your reach, also use Google's content network to place paid ads on thousands of websites in the content network, which reaches about 80 percent of global users.

Keywords, ad copy and landing page must all be relevant for two reasons. One, the searcher finds exactly what he/she is looking for, therefore increasing the chance of conversion. Secondly, with these three items in sync, Google will more than likely give each keyword a quality score of "excellent," which means you will have a better keyword ranking and lower cost-per-click.

Ad copy is one of the most important aspects of a successful PPC campaign. To get the results you want, a great deal of effort must be put in creating high-performing ad copy. Creating multiple ad groups with a low keyword count around a specific theme allows ad copy to be specific to those keywords, thus standing out from competing ads.

Remember to check your ads often to see how well they're performing. There will be a process of constant tweaking for the life of the Google Adwords campaign. The objective is to change the ad copy to see if it makes a positive difference. The Google Website Optimizer is a great tool to test content and design of landing pages to increase click through rate (CTR) and ROI.

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