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Advertising online has become a popular strategy for small businesses, especially with the use of social media websites. Social media has exponentially grown in the last decade and the newest member of the group is Google Plus, also known as Google+. Google Plus is a way for individuals to connect and share information at rapid rates. An added benefit of the new technology is the ability to divide your social network into categories. This tool makes it easier to distribute information efficiently to the appropriate groups. In addition, being connected to the largest search engine on the web greatly increases the chance of your company's page being located and viewed by multiple users.

The primary way to use Google Plus for business is to create a page for your company. If the business name is typed into the Google search bar with a "+," it will automatically pop up with a preview of your profile and recent posts. People also have the option of using "+1" to publicly give their stamp of approval. If they want to share right away, they can add a comment and send it to the right circles on Google+.

An added bonus is the "Hangouts" feature. More than a video chat, Hangouts is a place to share files from remote locations and create a virtual whiteboard. Google Plus allows connectivity to your consumers and employees from one easy-to-use place.

There is more than one way to utilize advertising on Google Plus. While the Google+ page is beneficial, there is also the availability of the Google Plus ad. Where Facebook can only advertise to users on Facebook while they are logged on, Google Plus can access anyone using the Google search engine. Google can pull your AdWords+ ad from its inventory and direct users to your business profile on Google Plus. For example, let's say you own a restaurant. A consumer purchased movie tickets online. Google recognizes that transaction and pulls your ad to pop up on the screen as a suggested or recommended place to eat before or after the movie.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Plus and how Blue Interactive Agency can create a marketing strategy for your company, call 954.779.2801.

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