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In a world where "google" has become a verb, videos go viral every day, and social media is a source for world news, web presence is absolutely essential for any company to garner attention from the masses, including hotels. Nowadays, not much is discovered or researched without the aid of the internet.

But it takes more than setting up a quick and easy template-based website to attract business. Your hotel's website needs to be customized and designed specifically for your brand image and target market. The website should convey the essence of your brand and service in even the most minute details - from the choice of graphics and word choice of the copy, to the user-friendliness of the site and ease of use.

At Blue Interactive Agency, we approach each hotel website project from the perspective of a prospective guest, considering their needs and desires. With this as our starting point, design and construction of the site becomes much more productive, effective and reliable. An engaging and tantalizing website gives site visitors a glimpse of what the hotel has to offer and entices them to reserve a room.

Once your hotel's website has been designed and launched, the work is not done. Various scenarios warrant updates to hotel websites such as hotel renovations, advances in technology, changes in brand image or target market, etc. Continuous monitoring is essential in order to keep up with the changing needs of the masses.

Blue Interactive Agency has successfully designed, launched, and maintained countless hotel websites including boutique hotels, resorts, renovated hotels, etc. integrating them with their social media accounts to make for seamless and fluid browsing experiences. We offer the most advanced technologies and most effective strategies to optimize the overall impact of your website on your reputation and, of course, sales.

For more information, visit Website Design and Website Strategy.

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