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HTML5 is a new type of formatting language that web developers use when creating content for the Internet. HTML5 offers some unique benefits, including direct HTML video and audio. These attributes can help create an immersive site rich in audiovisuals. HTML5 also offers a thread-like operation, a focus on web application requirements and an online application cache. Drawing the viewer into the site with these characteristics makes the experience memorable and one that they will want to repeat.

Drawing, Video and Sound
HTML5 contributes to a site with streaming videos and fluid animations. It is able to accomplish this with DOM and HTML support for video and audio embedding. One major advantage of the embedded videos created with HTML5 is that they do not require plug-ins or third-party software attachments. By using pure Javascript the developer has the ability to draw diagrams, animations and vibrant graphics.

Thread-like Operation
Background threads help speed-up the browser application processing. The Application Programming Interface (API) permits developers to make background workers run scripts simultaneously to the main page script, allowing for seamless operation and movement on the website.

Web Application Requirements
A common request is to add real-time chat. HTML5 focuses on chat-enabled sites and also makes it easier to build discussion boards, wikis and drag-and-drop tools.

Off-line Application Cache
All browsers have a cache. However, they prove to be unreliable most of the time and cannot properly cache a page. With HTML5 the developer has the option of choosing specific files that the browser should cache while online. This way the user is able to reload the page from the cache even when off-line, giving them access to the website whenever they want.

When building your company's website it is important to keep the consumer in mind. HTML5 is one of the latest formatting languages available that is advantageous to the developer and the user alike. A primary goal of your site is to excite the user and keep them coming back. An HTML5 formatted website provides the developer the tools necessary to create a smooth operating webpage. At the same time, the audiovisual tools that HTML5 provides for can produce a site that is entertaining and dynamic.

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