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Interactive Marketing

In 2012, interactive marketing emerged as one of the hottest marketing trends. Forrester Research predicts that marketers across all industries will spend nearly $77 billion, roughly 26 percent of all advertising dollars, on interactive marketing by 2016. B2B interactive marketing is expected to reach $5.7 billion by 2016, with mobile marketing accounting for much of that rapid growth.

But what does the term "interactive marketing" mean? Interactive marketing is, by definition, marketing which engages the user to interact with the content in a personal, emotional or tactile way. Therefore, interactive marketing is not only an online experience.

Interactive marketing allows customers and prospects to participate in the process of building a brand's image. Whether it's through interacting with a virtual 3-D product model on an iPad or a conversation on Twitter, it is the individual involvement aspect of interactive marketing that captivates users and makes it far more likely that they will remember relevant information.

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