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In 2012, Apple sold approximately 48 million iPads. With sales continuing to rise, it makes sense for every business to create an iPad application. The main benefit of an iPad is its economic ability to create brand loyalty through various avenues. iPad applications are customized to the unique needs of each user. The process of developing an iPad app is similar to that of creating applications for the iPhone, iPod and iTouch.

Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty is a consumer's commitment to the continual use of your brand. By creating an iPad app you promote and enable the user to demonstrate his/her loyalty.

Your iPad app is a perfect way to drive traffic to your website, product demos, retail locations and more. The iPad is a gateway to your company's online presence, as well as physical locations that can be mapped out through GPS technology installed on the iPad.

Social Networking
The iPad app can be used as a social networking device, creating online chats and Q&A sessions. The app can also link users to the company's Facebook page, Twitter feed or photo-sharing sites where they can be updated on new information and stay involved in the conversation.

Your brand is continually and prominently displayed on the user's device. By creating an iPad app you are ensuring that the consumer has the information. Additionally, unlike an iPhone or Android app, an iPad app has the added advantage of a larger screen, which provides for more elaborate graphics and audiovisuals for a more immersive experience.

To move forward with an iPad app for your company, contact Blue Interactive Agency at 954.779.2801.

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