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Keyword Research Analysis

Keywords are the cornerstone of any online marketing campaign. The first step to getting targeted traffic to your website is keyword research analysis. Having your website rank on the first page of search engines is the most effective way to attract targeted visitors.

Without first doing some research, you don't know which keywords users search to find products or services like yours. Your target audience most likely doesn't know industry-specific terms, so when describing your product or service, keep it simple. Avoid generic keywords and keyword phrases that are difficult to rank for, as they won't drive qualified traffic to your website. Create various long-tail keywords specifically describing the services or products you offer. This makes the keywords less competitive and you know the customer is ready to buy, not just researching the product or service.

There are a variety of free SEO tools that can help in the keyword research process.

The keywords you select for your online marketing campaign must appear in your copy. If they do not, you must create new pages to incorporate these keywords or naturally work them into existing pages, being careful not to focus on more than three keywords or keyword phrases per page.

After including these keywords in content, you must also use them in other elements on your website, including:

  • Meta Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Alt Tags (on images)
  • Anchor Text (text links)

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