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A landing page is a web page that users see after clicking on a hyperlink from another site. They can be directed from an email newsletter, banner ad, Google search results or a social media posting. The function of a landing page is to get consumers to perform a specific task, such as signing up for an account or purchasing a product or service.

An effective landing page design increases your conversion rate, bringing in more customers and sales.

How to Design Landing Pages that Convert

  • Provide a clear call-to-action.
    To avoid confusion, limit the number of call-to-actions to just one or two specific points. Any other call-to-actions should serve as reinforcements for your primary objective. It's helpful to provide a clearly marked button for consumers to click on in order to fulfill the desired action.
  • Deliver a powerful headline.
    The headline of your landing page should entice visitors to keep reading, so make it short, direct and attention-grabbing. This is a great opportunity to incorporate relevant keywords for increased SEO.
  • Incorporate attractive graphics.
    Graphical elements like arrows and icons can simplify the look of your landing page and provide a smooth flow to your design. To avoid clutter, allow enough white space on your landing page while using contrasting colors to allow parts of the page to stand out.
  • Explain your company's objective.
    A great landing page explains the company's objectives in a short amount of time. Videos are a useful tool for achieving this objective. Keep videos short and relevant. You may want to incorporate customer testimonials, statistics or success stories that deliver an emotional impact. Always ensure your media is high-quality, and test videos on different systems and browsers.
  • Earn your consumers' trust.
    If you want to convert customers, you must establish their trust. This could mean offering a satisfaction guarantee program or a free trial. By reducing risk, visitors are more likely to sign up. Other trust elements include featuring privacy certifications, customer testimonials, third-party reviews, or highlighting your company's large social media following as a stamp of approval.
  • Offer some sort of enticement.
    The goal is to have the user immediately respond. Offering an enticement like a special promotional offer with a short expiration date or a limited amount of product available are effective calls-to-action. By giving readers a sense of urgency, they may be compelled to take action right away, increasing your landing page's conversion rate.

The design of your landing page plays a critical part in its ability to convert visitors toward a specific objective. By following the above tips and best practices for creating a landing page, you will be more likely to increase the number of visitors who take your call-to-action.

Blue Interactive Agency helps companies develop and design attractive custom landing pages with the goal of conversion in mind. Blue Interactive also offers website design, mobile website design, blog design and banner ad design.

For more information regarding landing page design, see Landing Page Optimization. For more information on exploring how Blue Interactive can create a custom landing page with proper strategy and content creation, call 954.779.2801.

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