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Landing Page Optimization

It's estimated that up to 50 percent of visitors to landing pages will leave within the first eight seconds. Since you've spent a great deal of time designing and tweaking your email campaign just so that you get the reader to click on the links you specify, the same amount of effort must be put into designing the landing page, since this is most likely where you will get the customers to buy something.

A MarketingSherpa reader survey found that average landing page conversion rates for email campaigns range from 5.67 percent to .3 percent for free offers, and from 5.67 percent to 7.63 percent for e-commerce campaigns.

A landing page must match the look and tone of the email so that the reader feels there is a connection between what was read and what will be read. The best strategy to use on a landing page would be to repeat the offer that was in the email.

Points to Consider:

  • Use of readable URLs
  • Repetition of email promotional copy
  • Match the look of the email with the landing page
  • Placement of the primary call-to-action
  • Copy length and readability

The email campaign might have met its goal by increasing clicks and traffic to its target, but if those clicks aren't converting, then what have you really done? Improving return-on-investment requires a focus, which is why landing page design is critical. Optimized landing pages will improve ROI with email marketing campaigns.

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