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LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site where businesses can highlight their products and services, share career opportunities and engage with followers. Millions of professionals use LinkedIn to receive company news, search for jobs and find out more information about their favorite brands.

A LinkedIn company page consists of five sections:

  1. Overview. The "Overview" tab is a place to introduce people to your business. Here, members see your company information, news updates, and their friends and colleagues who are connected to your organization.
  2. Products and Services. This tab is useful for showcasing your products and services and securing recommendations from trusted LinkedIn members. Users will also be able to see their connections to people making the recommendations.
  3. Careers. This section is a paid subscription. This is the place to post jobs, tell your company story and showcase any awards or philanthropy. A silver or gold career page allows you to display additional content about your brand and tailor your message and job postings to specific target audiences.
  4. Employee Information. In this section you will see information about your employees, including job descriptions, educational background and work experience.
  5. Analytics. This tab is only visible to your page administrators. Analytics provide valuable insight on who is viewing your page and what they are looking at.

How to Set-Up a LinkedIn Company Page
Setting up a LinkedIn company page is free and easy to do, and gives you access to millions of users on the professional network. To set up a LinkedIn page, click on the Add Company page link. You will be prompted to enter your company name and email address. After you respond to an email confirmation for your request, you may begin filling out your company profile.

Be sure to complete the "Products and Services" tab, as it is a powerful tool to showcase what your organization has to offer. Under the tab click on "Add a Product or Service." Fill out the required information, including category, name and description. In order to maximize SEO and to better promote your company, we recommend uploading pictures and videos here, along with a link to your company website. This allows LinkedIn members to view, recommend and share your products within their networks.

LinkedIn allows companies to engage with followers and visitors through status updates. Organizations can share anything from company news to product releases to industry articles. All posts are listed in the "Overview" tab for anyone to view and in the update feed of your followers. Encourage your followers and page visitors to like, share and comment on your posts to help spread the word about your company.

Finally, you can add a "Follow" button on your website that makes it easy for people to follow you on LinkedIn. Visit the LinkedIn Developer's page to add the button.

Blue Interactive Agency helps companies create social media profiles with custom images and integrates accounts with your company website by installing widgets and plug-ins. For more information, visit LinkedIn Marketing.

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