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The mobile device is the fastest-growing method of Internet access. Consumers are constantly on the go, and while the desktop experience may seem more immersive, mobile devices are quicker and offer more flexibility. It is for this reason when developing your company website that mobile is kept in mind. A site that functions seamlessly on a desktop may be cluttered with bugs on a cell phone or tablet. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind three components: surrounding conditions, the feature capabilities of the device being used and miniaturizing vs. mobilizing.

Surrounding Conditions
A website created with mobility in mind can still have multi-media players and striking graphics, but the information should be concise. Most users don't have the time [or desire] to read five paragraphs and watch a 10-minute video. It's important to keep text lean and to the point. Make sure your videos are short - no more than 3 minutes. Say it quick and say it well. You want to grab the user's attention, make them remember your name and who you are, then send them back to their activity.

Feature Capabilities
Our desktops are equipped with less inhibited Internet connections and allow for the viewing of more complex website applications. By stripping down the information on your mobile-friendly website you ensure that the user won't be encumbered by large video files and flash media files that don't load. Mobile websites are designed with mobile standards in mind, which makes their download time significantly faster. It is helpful to consult a web developer to learn which programming codes work best on mobiles devices and which applications are supported.

Miniaturizing vs. Mobilizing
A common mistake in the development of websites that are accessible through mobile devices is the urge to shrink the site to fit the screen. However, this fails to address the context-, content- and component-specific needs of mobile users. While it may seem daunting to develop files for both a desktop and a mobile site, it becomes advantageous when the user accesses your site from all of their devices. Look at the success of and Instagram, which have both desktop and mobile websites.

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