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Pinterest is the newest darling of social media. Essentially a virtual visual bulletin board where users "pin" items of interest onto "boards," this social site is growing by leaps and bounds. While there is no mechanism for potential customers to buy your products directly from the site, the marketing potential is there. Companies that have something visual to share can leverage Pinterest as a marketing platform.

In many ways, Pinterest's platform has the potential to offer far more value than Facebook and Twitter because of its ability to aggregate and naturally curate content. These pinned items link back to the websites where they were collected, making them ideal referral tools. Unlike other social media networks, Pinterest relies on images rather than text. Like other social media sites, Pinterest works best when brands are active and engaged with their followers.

When setting up your Pinterest boards, remember that Pinterest relies on images, so be sure that yours are eye popping. Your pages need to be inviting and searchable. The Pinterest platform accelerates the process by aggregating and organizing images by category or theme, making it easy to search. Here are some tips to keep in mind when developing your Pinterest account:

  • Profile
    • Make your name easy to find
    • Add links to social networks
    • Add keywords to your bio
    • Link to Facebook: find friends and follow them, and invite them to follow you
    • Link to Twitter: find friends and follow them, and invite them to follow you
    • Let your company culture and personality show
  • Pins
    • Use creative pin titles
    • Focus on lifestyle not product
    • Use keywords in descriptions
    • Tag others using @ symbol
    • Incorporate company culture, company parties and corporate social responsibility
    • No photo? Pin one edit link
    • Bookmarklets are easy web pins
    • Make it attractive and serve as visual aide

  • Boards
    • Use playful, fun titles
    • Include keywords in descriptions
    • Mix content - yours and others
    • Pin images from clients
    • Re-pin supporting images
    • Create inspirational collages
    • Add playful images
  • Images
    • Add watermark or logo for identity
    • Style product photos
    • Use natural light or add effects and layer color processes for a unique look
    • Not a photographer? Hire one
    • Make infographic text large
    • Overlay title on photo
    • Pin photo linking to videos

  • Copyright
    • State sources when pinning
    • Display URL on images if possible, without crowding
    • State copyright on website
    • If pinned without credit, ask
    • Fear obscurity, not piracy
    • Use copyright symbols
    • Always credit photos
  • Collaborate
    • Create themed group boards
    • Group scavenger hunt of pins
    • Ask for colleague re-pins
    • Promote joint event
    • Curate lifestyle boards
    • Host a board tour
    • Throw a Pinterest party
    • Crowd-source a product, packaging or special offer

  • Contests
    • Clients pin product photos or photos onsite
    • Pin photo, tag brand to win
    • Host board scavenger hunt
    • Monthly board contest
    • Most re-pinned board wins
    • Pin image of contest rules
    • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email marketing
    • Ask for client videos and photos with certain hashtags

  • Research
    • Review other business boards in your industry
    • Identify your Pinterest marketing goals
    • Do keyword searchers for pins, boards and people
    • Review and evaluate the results of the keyword searches to see what works
    • Find brands with a large following and see what they doing
    • Find Pinterest users that have a large following and follow them, they will usually follow you back
    • See what pins and boards are getting re-pinned
    • Figure out how Pinterest is driving traffic to your website

It takes time to understand and develop a following on Pinterest. Blue Interactive Agency designs, manages and produces content to engage Pinterest users with a strategy that will generate traffic and business to your website. To learn more, contact Blue at 954.779.2801.

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