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                // Blue Interactive Agency Programming Sample
                function twitter_ago($timestamp){
                   $difference = time() - $timestamp;
                   $text = format_interval($difference, 2) . " ago";
                   return $text;

When designing or updating your website, programming plays a crucial role. A web programmer is an experienced professional who can create the website you envision. The programmer typically has a degree in information management, computer science, mathematics or systems programming. Working with a professional programmer who has experience using a multitude of database systems, programming languages and software will ensure that your website runs smoothly and is executed to your specifications. A programmer can also assist in translating an idea into an actual product. For example, you may know that you want an interactive aspect to your site. A programmer has the tools and knowledge to figure out exactly what types of social media applications will work best and which are the easiest for the end-user.

Below are different types of programming to consider when revamping your business website.

  • Mobile Development: As smart phones rapidly take over the cellular market, creating a website that is easily accessible through a mobile device is vital. While your website may run seamlessly on a desktop, it must also be highly functional on a mobile device to maintain relevancy in the modern market.
  • HTML5 Website Development: A new type of formatting language that offers particularly rich audiovisuals. HTML5 also allows for a thread-like operation, a focus on web application requirements and an online application cache.
  • Joomla Website Development: One of the most popular open-source content management systems. Joomla combines a simple set-up with beneficial attributes like data reporting tools, integrated e-commerce systems and communication tools.
  • WordPress Website Development: An easy-to-use platform that provides users with a variety of themes, plug-ins and widgets. WordPress is an efficient option for sites that need to be put together quickly while still maintaining a professional look and contemporary applications.
  • Front-End Website Development: Also known as "making it look good," front-end development is the aspect of web design that focuses on the aesthetics of your site.
  • Facebook Applications: A social media network that can reach potential consumers 24 hours a day, regardless of whether they are and what they're on - phones, tablets or desktop. You have the option of placing ads on Facebook, as well as creating a profile for your company, which will give frequent updates to connect with your customers.
  • Social Media Applications: A more general utilization of the various types of social media networks currently in existence (Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.). In order to maintain significance in a technology-enabled world it is crucial for a company to establish web presence. Social media applications make it easy for the consumer to be regularly involved and updated with the activities, promotions and developments of your business.
  • Shopping Cart Development: Short for electronic commerce, an e-commerce website is essential for any business with a product to sell. By bringing the processes of marketing, distributing, selling and buying to the online world you create a storefront that is open 24/7 and available to customers worldwide.
  • Android App Development: Android is a cost-effective and competitive alternative to Apple in the world of apps. It offers similar widespread mobile accessibility with the added benefit of being lower in cost to acquire and sustain.
  • iPad App Development: Apple is clearly the dominator in the field of mobile devices. With millions of people using the iPad everyday, it is smart business to have apps on the Apple devices.
  • iPhone App Development: An app can be used by your employees and/or by consumers. This type of technology is available on mobile devices providing the user with regularly updated information and a form or entertainment. In addition, the constantly available format assists in establishing brand loyalty.

To move forward with programming for your website, contact Blue Interactive Agency at 954.779.2801.

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