Blue Interactive Agency

ROI Conversion Strategy

Blue Interactive Agency takes a holistic approach to ROI strategy. Part of the analysis includes:

Web Traffic Analysis:
How visitors are finding the website, what they are looking for, how they explore it and how to enhance the visitor experience.

Usability Analysis:
Are users finding what they are looking for? Is there a call to action?

Navigation Wire-frame Analysis:
Navigation path and informational wire-frame: How many clicks does it take to reach your objective?

Call-to-Action Evaluation:
Complete analysis of how the site encourages visitors to do what you want them to do. Placing psychological triggers in the right areas will allow visitors to convert at a higher rate.

Aesthetics Analysis:
This study will evaluate general layout and the influence style, color and font type have on the user's assumptions about your company, products and/or services.

Broken Link Analysis:
Are there any broken links on the site?

Competitor Analysis:

The Top 10 competitors are analyzed to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Customer Survey:

Survey customers to better understand their experience with the website.

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