Competitive Intelligence

There will come a point in your business strategy that you will begin to analyze the advantages of complimenting your current strategies with SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) as a possibility to grow if you have not already. There are many who assume that simply because they have a website, it is going to be enough to generate leads and expand their endeavors. Unfortunately, a website unequipped with SEO and SEM acts as a plain brochure on the internet today.

The internet today is saturated with competitive intelligence. Think about how many websites are available online, and how many more are developed each day, it is staggering. Now let us go a step further and compare advantages and disadvantages these competing websites are in.

SEM is the most comprehensive way to make your website work for you. It is important to know that SEO is not an internet marketing tactic that can stand alone, contrary to popular belief. It is crucial to realize that SEM actually includes SEO, as well as Paid placement which includes pay per click ads, website banner ads, and Press Release Placements. SEM also includes Paid inclusion, with website directory submissions for inbound links, all of which are supplementary forms of search engine marketing.

Without SEM working for you, your website and therefore possibly your business will go largely unseen online, if not invisible as the name of your business does not appear on page one or two of search engines. Most people utilizing search engines want instant feedback and rarely scan past page one or two of the search results. With today’s clients going primarily to the internet for their needs, can your business really afford to be a simple brochure with all the effectiveness of a piece of junk mail?