Free Offers = Increased Website Conversions

In today’s world of internet marketing, users are becoming accustomed to getting things for FREE.Google has set the standard by offering services such as free email with practically unlimited storage, free analytics packages, free API’s that you can incorporate into your website,and much more. Companies are following Google’s lead and offering free products or services on their websites in order to entice users to give up their contact information.

In order to continually market to your potential customers you need to develop a database of people that have visited your website by enticing them to give you their contact information. These days, users are savvy and only give up this information in exchange for something that has value to them. In the real estate market it is common practice to provide users with access to listings after they provide their contact information which is a good start.

To take it a step above what all of the other websites are doing I would suggest giving the users more! You could, for example, provide a survey on your website of the key property features the client is looking for and offer to email them the top 10 properties that match up with those features. Then, on a weekly basis, email them any properties that come on the market that match their criteria. This will not only be seen as a valuable free service to the client, but you will remain visible to the client until they are ready to purchase a property.

This is just one example, the important part is that you come up with an idea that appeals to your customer base and entices them to give you their contact information.

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