Redesign vs. Multivariate Testing

Many websites that are already very good make the mistake of redesigning their entire website to increase their conversion percentages when they should really focus on multivariate testing. So, how does one know when their website needs a complete overhaul versus a few minor changes? Here are a few rules of thumb to guide your decision: Redesign if: Visitors stay on your website less than 30 seconds before leaving the homepage.Nobody ventures into secondary pages of your website, they leave directly after viewing the homepage. If you want to change the entire brand image that is represented on your website. If your website does not fit any of these descriptions, it is likely a candidate for multivariate testing.

Multivariate testing allows you to change a single portion of your website such as the main picture, the headline, or the navigation bar and then test it against the previous version by splitting your traffic between the old version of the website and the new.This type of functionality used to only be available to companies with expensive, high end analytics packages but Google now offers it for FREE! After performing multivariate tests you will then have data on how users truly react to changes to your website instead of making changes based on your guess of how they will react to the changes.

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