Search Engine Optimization:Conversion Funnel

It is easier to increase conversion of visitors to leads by 25% than to increase your traffic by 25% – Google

Once you start getting any amount of traffic to your website you want to be cognizant of the percentage of visitors that are converting into leads. Google will give you the necessary tools to create a conversion funnel within your analytics package by simply setting up a goal and putting the correlating code to track that goal into your website pages. As a standard 50% conversion of new visitors to your website is a fantastic conversion rate but really well designed websites that have a great offer that entices the user to enter their personal contact information and a well designed form can convert as many as 75% of visitors.

So, if your website is not hitting these conversion metrics what should you focus on improving in your website:

Form Placement –The form that collects the users contact information should have prominent placement on your website and should be accessible from every page of your website. On the homepage the form should be above the fold and pictures and headlines should be used to direct the user’s eye to the form that you want them to fill out.

Give users an enticing offer – Once you make sure that you have the user’s attention by giving the form a prominent position on your website you want to make sure that you give the users a reason to fill out your form once they notice it. Hint: Give them something for free if they fill it out! You can offer them a free quote, free newsletter, enter them in a giveaway, the options are endless!

Form Ease of Use – Once the user starts filling out the form you are in the home stretch, but there is still a substantial risk of losing the user before they submit their contact information. It is important to test the form as a user would and make it as simple and intuitive to complete as possible. You want to limit the number of fields the user has to fill out to only those that are most pertinent.

Make the form button say something – Last but not least, all forms have a button that the user is supposed to click on once they finish entering their contact information. The number one choice for the word that is put on this button is “Submit” – but that does not mean anything to the user. Instead you should choose words that entice the user to click on it like “Get your free quote”, “Get your free newsletter”, etc.

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