SEO Tools: Google Analytics

Google provides an entire suite of tools to their end users to help you make the most of your website’s search engine results on Google.Following is a brief introduction to the Google Webmaster tools that you need to understand:Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytic is not only a robust analytic options, it is FREE.To set up google analytics in your website you simply need to establish an account with google and prove that you are the owner of that website.Google will then provide you with a piece of code that you can put on every page of your website.After your webmaster inserts this code into your website you will be able to view analytic detail including:

Dashboard -The dashboard on google provides a complete overview of all of the information available through the google analytics package including how many visitors have come to your website, the total number of pageviews,average number of pages viewed per visitor, and average amount of time spent per visitor on the website

Visitor detail -Breaks down the total number of visitors,unique visitors,pageviews,average pageviews,average time spent on site,bounce rate, percentage of new visitors,the type of browser your visitors are using,as well as the connection speed of your visitorsTraffic Sources -details out how your visitors got to your website into categories such as direct traffic (people that typed in your website url to access it directly),search engines, referrals (traffic that was referred from another website to yours other than search engines),adwords (Google’s Cost Per Click), and you can also add your own campaigns to the mixContent detail -In this tab you can view a summary of your visitor’s navigational paths; view top entry pages, entry sources;and entry keywords;as well as see a site overlay of your visitors click patterns.

This is just the basic information that is available to you, if you want to view the data in more detailed ways you can set up goals through Google Analytic and track the conversion of your visitors from entry to the completion of your goal. Stay tuned for next week’s blog on Google Webmaster Tools.

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