SEO Tools: Google Webmaster Tools

In the last blog we focused on Google’s free analytics package. Now we are going to move on to some of the tools that Google has developed specifically to help you optimize your website for search engines as well as conversion.

Google Webmaster Tools

If you have already set up a google analytics account you can also access the webmaster tools through that same account. In the overview section of the Webmaster Tools you can access the following information:


Web crawl – allows you to view errors or problems encountered by Googlebot when accessing your website

Metadata – shows you problems with your title and meta description information


Homepage Crawl – Google will tell you the last time that Googlebot last successfully accessed your home page (Hint: the more frequently Googlebot is accessing your homepage, the better)

Index Stats – information in this section includes how many of your website pages have been found by Google, how many websites have been found to link to your website, how many websites have information available about your website and much more

Top search queries – this is a list of the keywords people type into search engines by popularity and your ranking as compared to other websites

What Googlebot sees – this section provides a breakdown of how Google’s search engine spider more affectionately known as Googlebot


External links – view which other sites are pointing to your website

Sitelinks – view which pages on your site appear directly in Google search results


Allows you to upload an XML sitemap of your website giving Google a map of how to navigate your website

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