SEO Tools: Google Website Optimizer

Google’s newest tool for webmasters is the Website Optimizer (it is so new,it is still in beta format,and yes, even Google’s tools have bugs in beta format).The Website Optimizer allows you test different layouts, designs,and combination of content on your website for visitor retention and conversion optimization.

All too often people focus so intently on driving traffic to their website that they lose site of the full picture which includes: driving the visitor to your website,capturing the user’s attention (you have a total of 4 seconds to do this),providing relevant content that engages the user,and driving them to give their contact information in exchange for something free that you will give to them.There is no magic recipe to reach this end result.To achieve internet marketing nirvana(aka optimal conversion of visitors to leads) you have to test many variations of factors and see what your users like best which is precisely why Google,in their infinite wisdom,created the Website Optimizer.

Now that you understand why you need this tool lets delve into how this new tool works.Google Website Optimizer allows you to perform two different types of tests (the one that you will want to use depends upon the variable that you are testing):

A/B Testing -This testing method is best used when you are comparing two entirely different versions of a page (example -two pages that have completely different headlines, pictures,and content)

Multivariate Testing -compares the performance of content variations in multiple locations of a page (example -different attention grabbing headlines)

Once you have determined what elements of your page you want to optimize, choose a test and put the appropriate code from Google on your web pages.Google will split the traffic between your web pages and tell you which version performs the best. 

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