SEO Tools:Google API

Google provides a number of API’s (Application Programmable Interfaces) written in JavaScript that you can implement into your website (or better yet, have a developer implement it).These tools make it easy for webmasters or developers to add functionality to your website without significant programming(or significant programming cost).

Google Maps API -allows you to integrate online mapping and geo-coding components into your website (perfect for a store or office locator)

Google Calendar API -allows you to add a group calendar with a web front end and/or create a public calendar based on an event database

Google Chart API -allows you to create many types of charts and embed them in your webpage

Google Checkout API -The Checkout API allows you to integrate your site with Google Checkout, either by spending 5 minutes and dropping in simple “Buy Now” buttons,or by stepping through a complete integration of your order management system with Checkout

Google Gadgets API -Google Gadgets are simple HTML and JavaScript mini-applications served in iFrames (iFrames allow you to embed one html element or web page inside another web page) that can be embedded in web pages and other applications. Built-in JavaScript libraries make it easy to create gadgets that include tabs, Flash content, persistent storage, dynamic resizing,and more. Many gadgets are viewed millions of times per week and generate significant traffic for their authors.

Google Search API -The Google Search API allows you to embed search tools within your website that help your users navigate the content of your website

Google Toolbar API -This application allows webmasters to create customized buttons for the Google toolbar using XML

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