Conversion Campaign

The number one purpose and goal a business has in mind when making the decision to employ an SEM firm is conversion.Conversion rate is identified as the number of potential customers that become actual clients, or purchase your product. Many companies make the mistake of focusing on the percentage of visitors to their website alone, without regard to their conversion rate.

A good SEM and SEO company will take measures to ensure not only a higher volume of visitors, but that those visitors will be more likely to become buyers. There are several ways this feat is accomplished. A website visit does not ensure victory. What is more likely to result in a sale is a website that is designed with the user’s wants and needs in mind,that is easily navigated, is void of confusing links and unclear button directions, professionally designed with well written content to earn the trust of the user.

Another point to factor in is that with a high volume of unqualified visitors, the conversion rate becomes undesirable, with the extra traffic becoming the denominator of the equation. And lastly, remember that a user’s time is precious, following these simple guidelines will aid considerably in holding a visitor’s attention long enough to convert them to a satisfied and potentially regular customer.