Progressive Enhancement

Incorporating SEO in Flash websites is a common issue faced by search engine marketing companies and their clientele. It is commonly suggested that flash websites are simply not search engine friendly, and for that reason many assume search engine optimization for flash is impossible. If Google is able to read parts of the flash content, it is impossible to optimize it and pursue high rankings.

An emerging idea is that of progressive enhancement. Progressive enhancement is an often overlooked or ignored method of handling the issue of flash and SEO involving web development promoted by the latest web standards. Progressive enhancement allows the user access to the website content using HTML tags. 

The user also has the option to improve the look using CSS, then to introduce the Flash movie using Java-Script. Here is where things work out for both parties-as search engines do not read Java-Script, the engines will skip the Flash file and index just the HTML content, and with the correct plug ins utilized, the search engines will detect the text within the flash file.