Psychology and Point of Sale

Picking up where we left off, the field of Psychology is a wealth of knowledge. As stated before, Psychology is basically the science of our personalities with regard to perception, emotion, cognition, behavior and the individual and collective unconscious.

Building on this idea, it is necessary to be able to use psychology as an instinct when conducting business to streamline communications and business dealings. A basic knowledge of the four personality types helps companies perceive, interpret, and communicate accordingly with the four basic types of personalities.

Merrill-Reid defines the four basic personality types as Driver, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical. To understand what that involves, let’s examine each type individually. A Driver personality type tends to be objective focused, high energy, hardworking, tends not to shy away from conflict, ends justifies the means type of individual.

An Expressive is a natural salesperson and storyteller. These personality types tend to be warm and enthusiastic, competitive, enthusiastic and motivational people.

An Amiable individual tends to be kind hearted and soft spoken. An Amiable personality type tends to avoid conflict and blend in well, uncomfortable making firm decisions. These individuals tend to be highly sensitive.

An Analytical personality is highly detail oriented, critical, and perceptive with pessimistic qualities. These individuals tend to need all facts in order when making decisions.

Appealing to each of the four personality types takes a professional SEM team working on your behalf. A well-trained and talented web designer will implement design strategy visually stimulating to the four types. An experienced copywriter will effectively communicate with the four types in their preferred communication styles. A good marketing director and sales team will form a solid and lasting business relationship.