Statistics Speak

Statistics over the recent decade show that companies and investors are recognizing and utilizing Search Engine Marketing at a rapid rate. In 2006 North American advertisers spent an astonishing $9.4 billion dollars on SEM, a 62% increase from 2005 and a staggering 750% increase from 2002. I think it is safe to say that companies are realizing the unparalleled value of SEM to streamline internet marketing and bolster not only sales but hot leads.

It is no secret that SEM and SEO improve the quality and volume of search engine traffic to a website. This is accomplished by targeting keywords and algorithms commonly entered by people utilizing search engines. With SEM including paid placement, SEO, paid inclusion, pay per click ads, web banners, and press release placements it is easy to see why companies are willing to invest in the services, they know they will see a return on their investment.