The Business of Psychology

Wikipedia defines psychology as “an academic and applied discipline involving the phenomenological and scientific study of mental processes and behavior.”

Psychology is in essence the science of our personalities, and therefore encompasses important information such as perception, emotion, cognition, behavior and the individual and collective unconscious. These aspects are directly tied to understanding how people react in business situations, with regard to how they perceive, interpret, and are likely to proceed to point of sale when interested in a product.

Professionals in any field can take advantage of certain aspects of the science of psychology. It is smart to have an interactive marketing firm standing behind your business who understands the different personality types and how they correlate to your type of business. A good content and copywriter can incorporate writing techniques that entice the four personality types simultaneously, generating more business for your company. A talented web designer can design web pages tailored to grab the attention of the four different personality types, also driving more business to your company. It is always an additional talent to have a basic understanding of how the subconscious plays a role in human interaction and sales as well.

The point being that an interactive marketing company is valuable on many levels. Interested in the four personality types and their impact on marketing? Stay tuned!