W3C and the future of internet marketing

The World Wide Web Consortium is an international arena where member organizations, the public, and a full-time staff band together to ensure Web standards. The mission statement of W3C is as follows:

“To lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the Web.”

The W3C concedes that for the World Wide Web to reach and maintain its full potential, it must be a source completely void of market and web fragmentation. In essence, the W3C suggests that the World Wide Web be compatible with any and all software and hardware, a term the W3C coins as “Web interoperability”, or “One Web.”

The internet is evolving and growing by the second, and it is vital to any line of business to keep up. Search Engine Optimization is the first line of defense to keep your business visible within the ever growing and changing complexities of the World Wide Web. Let us couple this with the future projections of the W3C.

The W3C aims to collaborate the World Wide Web with protocols and guidelines and compatible hard and software. This will in turn create a standard protocol for internet marketing. Currently, not everyone is utilizing the advantages of SEM, SEO, and professional internet marketing and web design. Businesses using internet marketing enjoy the benefits of higher clientele volume that a highly visible website entails; and those who choose not to may not be up to speed on the technology and enjoy less volume.

While it remains a choice currently, it is clear where the future of internet marketing, SEM, SEO, and professional web design and copywriting are headed. With W3C the World Wide Web will become synchronized and optimized to streamline its contents, and if your business does not back up its internet marketing and technology with a highly trained and skilled company you may disappear or become completely obsolete.