Advertising on Google’s content network

Advertising on Google’s content network introduces several new advertising techniques designed to be more user friendly and targeted. The enhancements are frequency capping, frequency reporting, improved ads quality, and view-through conversions.

The new frequency capping enhancement will enable advertisers to have control over the amount of times the same ad is viewed by uses, creating a more user friendly advertising experience for users who do not care to see the same advertisement constantly. On the advertising end opinions will vary about repetition-some feeling it creates a permanent product memory, others feel consumers may block out ads deemed irritatingly repetitive.

Also added is View-through conversions to provide advertisers in-depth insights on the number of users who ended up at their website based on a particular advertisement. This assists the advertisers in placement strategies and ad relevance. It is more cost efficient for the advertising industry to advertise to a targeted market.

Frequency reporting is the next new enhancement available. This feature will tell advertisers how many people have viewed a particular ad campaign and how many times on average.
Lastly, Improved Ads Quality will be introduced. Advertising performance standards within the Google content network are set to be quality controlled, a measure that can be appreciated by both advertisers and consumers.