Google, Yahoo, Cuil?

What is cool about Cuil is that is a cost efficient search engine . Yahoo’s initial investment to enter the search arena was $300 million, Cuil’s architecture permits entry into a ‘series B’ price point; for a second round of venture capital, the standard term is not in hundreds of millions, but in the millions or tens of millions of dollars. Cuil has raised two rounds of capital-$8 million and $25 million, yet spent only $7 million.

Cuil’s parents are Anna Patterson and husband Tom Costello. In the late 90s they founded Xift, a search engine. Anne later wrote a search engine used by the Internet Archives, Google ultimately purchased them. 

Interestingly enough, Anna Patterson worked for Google running one of its engineering groups involved with ranking-where the part of the search engine that picks which of the 10 links that match a query should be first displayed. 

As Powerset did, Cuil has the potential to be purchased by a large company who can implement its pricing structures. As for now, many believe the two have started a real estate agency to showcase their favorite home.