Google’s Insight for Search

Always at the forefront of search engine tools, Google has unleashed its latest tool-called Insight for Search. Intended for marketers to act as a database of search engine requests, Insight for Search allows everyone to track keywords and phrases typed into Google’s search box for popularity.

Insight is an extension of two-year old Google Trends which displays Google’s most searched terms, such as names of persons and business news, going a step further to also display keywords and phrases used in the queries.

Insight for Search enables users to display the needed data by geographical location complete with a map for view all downloadable to spreadsheets for comparisons.

Google’s database of queries is labeled a “database of intentions,” due to the fact that when people utilize Google’s search box, they are interested in what they are searching for and likely open or interested in purchasing. This is the reason Google caters to the field of marketing, supplying tools to aid in everyday needs.

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