Microsoft Live Search for Facebook

Microsoft’s initial investment in the social networking website Facebook gave many the impression that live search would be integrated into the site. This was assumed for a variety of reasons, including the highly publicized deal with Google and Facebook social network competitor Myspace. 

Myspace and all of Facebook’s other social network competitors all have web search capability. It has been a surprise that the social network has existed this long without search capabilities.
Within the last month Microsoft released intentions to unleash Live Search on Facebook, as well as paid search advertisements. The deal is said to be pending within the next calendar year, and Facebook users have surely noted the available “try the new Facebook” banner on their home pages. 

The advertisements on the new Facebook include a thumbs up or thumbs down button for the user to guide the advertisers in the right direction. Upon clicking the up or down thumb Facebook asks the user to select the reason why they like or dislike the advertisement including options misleading, relevant, interesting, repetitive and more.

This option creates a great target marketing tool for advertisers, and for Facebook users who are participating in the process by searching the ads and providing valuable feedback to the advertisers.