T-Mobile, HTC and Google partner to Launch Smartphone

Google is planning to launch its android software powered smartphone- developed by leading manufacturer HTC, to be provided through T-Mobile. The smartphone is to be comparable to the popular iphone, which has been an enormous success in the industry. The alliance is hoping to create a smartphone that can compete in the market and perhaps even provide something new to consumers.

The touch-screen technology smartphone is to be powered by Google’s android software. The phone will allow users the freedom to individualize functions, much like the iphone and other smartphones with computer capabilities. The company is hoping to release the smartphone prior to the holiday season, to reap the benefits of regular holiday sales. Currently Google, T-Mobile and HTC are awaiting certification from the Federal Communications Commission so they may move forward with the launch.

Digital advertising is becoming increasingly mobile, with users turning to mobile devices and smartphones to access the internet in their routinely busy and fast paced lives. As far as specific release dates, Google will only verify that it will be available at some point this year.