Yahoo and Customized Ads

World Wide Web and search engine presence Yahoo announced on Friday plans to permit users to opt out of customized advertising on the pages of Yahoo. 

Yahoo had previously implemented the option to turn off customized advertising on the pages of other companies, and this will be an extension of that. Through Yahoo’s Privacy Center,users will have the choice of removing customized ads from the screens of Yahoo pages.

The announcement to allow users this option seems to be in response to a privacy letter by four House Members. There were 33 letters issued by the top congressmen at the House Committee on energy and commerce, directed toward internet and telecommunications industries such as and including Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and America Online. The 33 letters recommended that the companies revaluate and detail their privacy options.

It is known that Yahoo and other internet companies participate in behavioral targeting; utilizing advertisements targeted to a user’s internet usage patterns-it is a marketing tool. The option to opt out of these advertisements was previously unavailable,leaving Yahoo’s business practices in question.