Avalanche Basecamp Widget

Yahoo’s Avalanche Widget was designed to integrate with Basecamp project management website. A team of Information Systems students at Carnegie Mellon University developed the Avalanche Basecamp Widget during the spring ’07 semester. Developers of Avalanche wanted to automate the most repetitive Basecamp tasks and make them easily accessible to users. Avalanche’s small size and further reduction capabilities make it a convenient addition to your desktop. Avalanche gives users access to multiple projects on the same Basecamp account.

When you open your Avalanche Widget, there is a project bar across the top to select which project you will be accounting time for. Below the project bar is an auto-time tracking bar that acts as a ticker and a next upcoming milestone reminder. Directly below the ticker are tabs including Overview, My Time, Messages, To-Do, and People.

The Overview page displays recently updated items complete with a refresh button at the bottom right of the Widget. The Time page depicts time entries for the past week with options to add/edit/delete entries. Reports can also be generated and dispersed showing employees and clients everyone’s time spent on specified projects, a great resource for project management. The To-Do tab displays all open outstanding projects in just a simple click and user can elect to have only their own projects displayed there, like a personal post-it note. The People tab lists all participants and their contact information. The messages tab shows the most recent 25 messages and comments, with option to change the preferences to decrease loading time.

Supported Operating Systems for the Avalanche Basecamp Widget are Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.39+. Requirements include internet connection, Basecamp Login and Project, and Yahoo Widget Engine v4. Interactive marketing firm Blue Interactive Agency of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has adopted the Avalanche Widget and recommends it highly!