Flash not a future obstacle

It is no industry secret that flash is difficult to optimize, and in the past it was impossible. Like any other industry challenge, search engine optimization has risen to the occasion and begun the process of discerning the most effective way of optimizing flash websites and content. Flash is growing in popularity and must be easily indexed by search engines.

Google in particular has taken great strides in developing a new algorithm for indexing textual content in Flash files of all kinds-flash menus, buttons and banners and self-contained Flash websites. Recently Google integrated Adobe’s Flash Player technology in efforts to improve the new Flash indexing algorithm.

Previously web designers were forced to ensure the content of the Flash websites they designed were presented in another form that would be indexed by the search engines, which created extra workloads for the designers. This was necessary to accomplish because even if the designer preferred not to work with Flash due to indexing complications, clients often times insist on Flash websites for vanity purposes.

The best of both worlds is a Flash website with easily indexed content.
Google has launched its new Flash indexing algorithm and now web designers will find their work will gain improved visibility as published Flash content with improved search results and snippets. It is a remarkable event when both sides can be accommodated.