Future search developments?

The future of search has virtually unlimited potential toward lifestyle and information advancement. In the past ten years we have experienced the essential birth of search, finding ourselves utilizing search engines for our everyday queries and needs. 

The excitement of the advancements of the previous ten years of search is projected to pale in comparison to the next ten years in search. Google has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, and is looking forward to the next ten years. It is entertaining to speculate what the future of user based technology will hold. It is highly theorized that the future of search will be increasingly mobile, due in large part to the fact that there are an estimated 800 billion mobile users in the world today and mobile internet access capabilities are on the rise annually. 

This idea alone gives the internet more power in everyday life, as users will have it literally in the palm of their hand, making it available for an increasing amount of varying needs. Imagine taking a picture of an animal, and sending it through a search engine from your mobile device to determine what it is and other information about it? That will one day be a reality in the world of search. Search is also speculated to become even easier to use, with photos and even voice queries becoming integrated. Imagine speaking to your search engine, playing it a song to retrieve the artist, or submitting a photo as a query. The future is unfolding, and Blue Interactive Agency is your interactive marketing firm aligned to keep your business ahead of the game.